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Application of Decorative Window Films

Decorative window films offer infinite possibilities for implementation of various design solutions. Decorative films are used for creating of necessary designs of premises, coziness, blocking and eliminating a patch of sunlight, designing zones of various functional purposes on restricted areas, visually different from one another. As a result, your possibilities are limited only by your desires and imagination.

Decorative window films are installed on glass partitions, windows, store fronts, stained-glass windows and are also used for artistic design of premises, creating unique designs for places of work, decorating of glass furniture.

The wide range of patterns and colors open up extensive possibilities for design solutions. By installing of decorative glass application films, it is possible to provide one-way visibility or complete privacy of glass partition.

Decorative window films do not require any special care when in service. Due to protective coating of decorative films and other technological characteristics, these window films can be used for all service life of glass construction.

We are doing our best to satisfy the artistic taste and expectations of beauty and harmony of our customers to the full extent by introducing the latest technological developments and following the modern design trends in the field of decorative window films.

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