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Glass and Anti-Shatter Properties of Decorative Window Films

Glass, glass constructions and mirrors surround us both in the office and at home. Glass holds a prominent place among the materials of interior designs of residential buildings and offices. It is possible to add a unique touch to any glass, using the decorative window films.

Window films enable us to obtain a wide range of variants for decoration of door glass, inside and outside windows and mirrors. At the same time glass is a dangerous material. There is always a question to put on protection against broken glass in case the glass is damaged during the service period of this material. There are a few European sites of decorative window films stating that their decorative films meet the requirements for protection against glass splinters, in other words, they maintain the protective function. Such a property of decorative films is mentioned as supplementary but of great importance. This property is provided as an additional argument in favor of necessity to use these window films. It is announced on the sites of some designers that the window films will hold the broken fragments if the glass or mirror is damaged. The decorative window films will keep the dangerous glass pieces from flying around the room and protect people from danger, in other words, these decorative films have anti-splinter properties of safety and security films.

Is that true? We can put it even more specifically that the safety films have all protective properties. They are special window films manufactured for this purpose that cope with the task perfectly. This is proved by numerous special tests, certificates and experience of application. What are the reasons for assigning advanced properties to decorative window films? We understand ambitions of some distributors and designers to sell more window films. However, the question is whether the decorative window films really possess all properties of safety films and whether the decorative window films can or cannot be used as universal films.

We decided to compare the properties of decorative films and safety films and provide our results in the next article of this section on our site.

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