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Quality and Diversity of Decorative Films by Different Manufacturers

Decorative window films of all manufacturers are made of the same material and similar technologies. Raw materials and technology of production are similar. However, the physical properties can be slightly different. For example, the thickness of white matte decorative films of one manufacturer will differs from the same model of the other manufacturer. For privacy window films is very important the number of polyester layers. They affect deco film ability to dissipate light. It is important to know the number of layers and the thickness of protective coating for decorative window films, including their ability to withstand physical damage.

The main difference of decorative window films of different manufacturers – it is their color palette and shades. Every manufacturer relies on its own experience and the consumer tastes of a certain country. The color palette and shades of decorative window films are developed bearing in mind these requests. Some manufacturers produce window films accommodating the needs of the U.S. market, whereas we offer films that meet the needs of the European part of the world. Using our experience we determine our color palette on basis of tastes of just the residents of the European countries.

You are welcome to familiarize yourself with the color palette of our window films, ordering the catalog of our products.

The quality of the product line of decorative films is determined by its ability to keep the color palette within the permissible variations. Putting the other way round, the color shade of every new production run of window films should correspond with the shade of the previous production run. There are some permissible variations but they are very small and practically invisible to human eyes. A roll of decorative window films of a new production run must not differ in color from the previously manufactured ones.

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