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Use of Frosted Films to Create Frosted Glass

About 25 to 30 years ago designers started active application of frosted glass for interior decoration. At present use of such glass is becoming more and more popular. This trend is very easy to explain.

On the first hand, the high – tech style became more popular for which the application of large quantity of glass was characteristic. There are many interiors of offices and residential apartments decorated in this style. This trend in architecture is considered to be very modern and popular.

On the second hand, some innovative and improved technologies of glass processing emerged, including new methods for edging and technologies of cutting.

In the third place and above all, the frosted glass can be created by using a privacy window film in a faster and economically more beneficial manner. Thanks to the wide choice of the product offering of frosted films, it is possible to receive the desirable kind of glass from any piece of glass.

Earlier the frosted glass was manufactured with a complicated method of etching. It is a chemical process of glass processing with fluoric (fluorhydric) acid and other aggressive solutions. It is a complex, dangerous to human health and surrounding environment method of glass processing, requiring much precaution and experience. This is a method for industrial processing that requires special equipment which is economically sound when manufacturing in large quantities.

Privacy window films provide means for obtaining matte glass. Application of the frosted window film enables you to turn the ordinary transparent glass into white matte in a short period of time and with hardly any investment. Such work can be done in any glass workshop or by workers of any installation company. Installing of the frosted window film is frequently done already after installation of glass during the direct service period of premises. Installation can be easily performed with no need for temporary removal of glass. The decorative window film can be installed on the existing glass in a quality manner, achieving a long service life.

Use of modern frosted films enables you to transform the desired glass in the short run with no need for application of the complicated chemical method of etching.

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